Vintage Latino CD

Step back in time to the tropical nightclubs of San Juan, Havana and beyond with this nostalgic collection of classic boleros, guajiras and more

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Vintage Latino CD - While Buena Vista Social Club shined a spotlight on Cuban music of the 1950s, Vintage Latino features some of the lesser-known but equally extraordinary music of that era by musicians from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. It also includes other Cuban legends and respected trios who performed in cafés and brothels in pre-Castro Cuba. 

  • 1.Trio Melodicos - “Perfidia” - (Cuba)
  • 2.Rolando La Serie - “Mentiras Tuyas” - (Cuba)
  • 3.République Démocratique du Mambo - “Cha Cha Cha Para Ti” - (France)
  • 4.Lágrima Ríos with Gustavo Santaolalla - “Un Cielo Para Los Dos” - (Uruguay/Argentina)
  • 5.Armando Garzón - “Eso” - (Cuba/Mexico)
  • 6.Las Rubias del Norte - “Piel Canela” - (USA)
  • 7.Néstor Torres - “Tierra Colorá” - (Puerto Rico)
  • 8.Orquesta La Moderna Tradición - “Juárez” - (USA)
  • 9.Trio Zamora - “Chinita” - (Cuba)
  • 10.Simón Díaz - “Despedida” - (Venezuela)
  • 11.Arista - “Amantes” - (Colombia)
  • 12.Yuri Buenaventura - “Bésame Mucho” - (Colombia)

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