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Savor the spicy and romantic flavors of Mexican music - updated with 4 new songs.

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Mexico CD - Putumayo invites us to savor the spicy and romantic flavors of Mexican music, from the songs of Veracruz to the boleros of Oaxaca. Updated with 4 new songs.


Mexican culture is as diverse as its landscape. Its roots stretch back thousands of years to the Aztec, Maya, Zapotec and other Native American empires. Echoes of these indigenous cultures still resound loudly in the modern setting, informing all cultural expressions including language, food, art, architecture and, of course, music. While the Spanish imposed their language, culture and religion on the local populations, the result of 500 years of cross-cultural fusion is a remarkable blend of European and Native American culture, with elements of African influence sprinkled along the Gulf and Pacific coasts. This delightful CD has information in Spanish and English on the performers and music and includes:

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