Asian Playground CD

A magical and educational journey to the rich diverse lands of Asia, featuring traditional and modern children's songs!

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Asian Playground CD - Celebrate the incredible diversity of the expansive continent of Asia! Featuring 11 artists from nine countries, this collection of children's music mixes traditional sounds and instruments with modern styles. From Korean and Indian traditional music to Japanese reggae and Korean pop, Asian Playround shines a light on the international trend toward the fusion of different international music styles. It also offers fun, educational information about these rich cultures that will hopefully inspire young minds to learn more about the fascinating continent of Asia.

  • 1.A Little Mandarin - "One Penny - Yī Fēn Qián" - (China)
  • 2.The Shanghai Restoration Project - "The Schoolboy (Du Shu Lang)" - (China)
  • 3.Bayang Barrios - "Naghahari" - (Philippines)
  • 4.Marsada - "Marsittogol" - (Indonesia)
  • 5.Elena Moon Park - "Sol Nal" - (Korea)
  • 6.Mi-I - "Tobiuo" - (Japan)
  • 7.Amirah Ali - "Joget Lebaran" - (Malaysia)
  • 8.Sumet Ong-art - "Our Sea" - (Thailand)
  • 9.Puspa Dewi - "Pul Sinoge" - (Indonesia)
  • 10.Anura Jayasingha & The Balladeers - "Mudali Thuma" - (Sri Lanka)
  • 11.Kailash Kher - "Mumma" - (India)

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