Spanish Books - Learning Beginning Vocabulary

Spanish Books - Learning Beginning Vocabulary

These Spanish books deal with learning beginning vocabulary in Spanish - great for beginning learners.

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  • Cuenta los insectos

    by Jerry Pallota. This counting book starts with zero, so on the first page, there are no insects.
  • Cuentas de elefante

    by Helme Heine. A baby elephant counts his "poop".
  • Diez perros en la tienda

    by Claire Masurel. Great Spanish reader for learning how to count.
  • First 1000 Words in Spanish

    by Heather Amery and Stephen Cartwright. This picture dictionary offers an introduction to Spanish with bright and amusing pictures.
  • Muchas Palabras sobre los animales

    by Richard Brown. Great book for learning the names of animals in Spanish. Delightfully illustrated to learn all kinds of animals.

5 Item(s)


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