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POWER TALK is a huge resource of speaking strategies and activities with over 2300 ideas and cues.

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POWER TALK is a huge resource of speaking strategies and activities with over 2300 ideas and cues. Students love to talk and socialize. All teachers have to do is to channel this energy to make speaking the new language less intimidating, more second nature and more fun for students.

Its goals are: To get students talking in a wide variety of entertaining ways in meaningful contexts (cultural, social, commercial, life skills)
To give teachers many more options for speaking activities they can add to their lessons
To be a quick reference to save teachers time
To give teachers strategies and ideas they can use to create their own own speaking activities & materials for any units.

POWER TALK is a companion book to Over 1,000 Conversation Starters. Where that book sets up a highly communicative classroom and paired speaking stimuli, the focus of this book is on a wider range of speaking STRATEGIES and ACTIVITIES for individuals, pairs, and groups. It has ideas for props and materials, ?you are there? visual backdrops, sim-YOU-late to communicate, collections of visual stimuli (pictures, documents, portraits), ways to make both documents and grammar communicative, and using language for life skills in target language communities.

The book contains:
50 ways to talk about pictures
65 ways to talk about portraits (magazine people, clip art characters)
40 ways to talk about literature
25 ways to talk about video clips
25 ways to talk about text dialogues

• 80 reporters' leads (interviews)
• Speaking PROP-ellers
• Self-expression activities
• Adventure-Us (22)
• Nominating people
• Wacky problems
• Presenting awards
• 80 leads for reporter interviews
• 74 things to "produce" while talking
• Time Challenges
• Chat Charts (to get everyone in groups to participate)
• Movie screen tests
• 50 Press conference guests
• On Stage (theater ideas)
• 100 speaking tasks based on documents
• 100 samples of communicative grammar
• 100 survey ideas
• Imitative speaking
• Clip art cue sheets
• Over heard comments (70 topics)
• Recounting events (35)
• Reasons why (40 circumstances)
• Mood swings
• Instructors: 34 lessons
• I Eat Eggs
• 70 Question cues - Sentence starters
• Object of the story
• Student-prepared speaking aids
• Cue sheets
• Chat Wheels
• 253 cues for listing
• Puzzling Conversations
• Talking tokens
• Assigning tasks /roles
• Word Tennis
• Archi-talk-ture
• Group role plays
• Die-ing to Chat
• My Buddy
• Class Mascot

There are Quick Reference lists to consult to help you focus quickly and brainstorm such as:
250 people to interview
258 categories
114 speaking strategy cues
105 Acts of Communication

154 pages, spiralbound book.

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