Abrir Paso 4H - Argentina

This Miraflores unit covers both Mafalda and Buenos Aires.

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Abrir Paso 4H - Argentina - This Miraflores unit covers both Mafalda and Buenos Aires.

  • Mafalda
  • Buenos Aires: Parí­s de Sudamérica
  • Nota cultural: la hora

When you think about New York or Paris, a huge city comes to mind. Buenos Aires is right in there. A huge megalopolis (it has some 13 million inhabitants), its inhabitants like to boast that they have as many psychiatrists as New York. Have your students discover its architectural masterpieces and active cultural life, always with the language study in mind. What an excellent way to extend the vocabulary of the city and work on the passive voice.

Mafalda is a beloved, timeless cartoon character. Several generations are devoted followers of her comments on life, family and friends. Read the cartoons and laugh. Humor is always good.

Subject matter: comic strip; a city

Vocabulary: regular and electronic correspondence; public places in a city
Grammar: diminutives, passive voice
Oral practice: analyze a comic strip; debate on primary and university education
Homework: comic strip; immigration and university education
Internet: Key word list to facilitate a search

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