Abrir Paso 2K - Ecuador

This text covers education and El mercado de Otavalo.

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Abrir Paso 2 K - Ecuador - This Miraflores text covers La educación and El mercado de Otavalo. Discover the similarities and differences between your school and schools in Ecuador. Review and extend school vocabulary (classroom, courses, after school programs). Have the students discover how the same building houses two schools, one in the morning, the second in the afternoon.

Indoor and outdoor markets. What do they sell? Do you or don't you bargain? And if you do, are there rules to follow so you are always respectful of other cultures?

Subject matter: school; market
Vocabulary: school; market
Grammar: ordinal numbers; ser / estar
Oral practice: compare two schools; describe a photograph of the market
Homework: create a school pamphlet; create a school emblem; good manners
Internet: key words for Net search
Model tests and teacher's guide

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