Spanish Books - Learn vocabulary for Specific Industries/Situations

Spanish Books - Learn vocabulary for Specific Industries/Situations

These Spanish Books help you learn vocabulary for specific industries and situations - that you won't see in general books to learn Spanish

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  • Spanish for Educators - Book and CD

    This package gives you over 3,000 Spanish words and phrases and the basic grammar needed to use them properly.
  • Outreach Spanish Book

    Spanish for Educators, Counselors, Health care providers, Ministers or priests,
  • Spanish Legal Conversation

    Lawyers and their Spanish-speaking clients fully understand that proper communication is crucial when working on a particular case.
  • Spanish for Educators

    This book provides more than 3,000 key words and phrases that cover every aspect of a student's school career
  • Spanish for Health Care Professionals

    This book offers English-speaking doctors, nurses, and medical assistants basic Spanish vocabulary to help them deal with Hispanic patients
  • Spanish for Law Enforcement Personnel

    This informal yet effective book for a working knowledge of spoken Spanish is specifically designed for English-speaking police
  • Spanish Medical Conversation

    Basic phrases and key words to help patients and health-care providers communicate more easily.

7 Item(s)


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