Spanish Books and Spanish Games

Spanish Books and Spanish Games

Learn Spanish by Reading Books and Playing Games

Unplug from the digital world, sit down with a book, and learn Spanish today! 

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and learning Spanish through books, from instructional activities to engaging stories is a traditional, low tech and excellent way to develop proficiency in Spanish.

From young toddlers who listen to someone else read and are captivated by enchanting illustrations, to adults who need specific vocabulary for their profession (education, healthcare, law) - there is a book and game for everyone!

Students can find vacation reading, sit down and relax (TV free) with this tried and true educational tool. Great for class readings, discussion groups or book clubs - start one today!

View our comprehensive inventory of books and games for learning the Spanish language today. Our Spanish books and Spanish games are also a perfect compliment to the other Spanish learning tools we have available!

Below are some of our newest books. We are adding new titles all the time - so come back often to browse!

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  • La Vida del Buscón

    by Francisco de Quevedo. Nivel 1 - 600 headwords. This well-known novel of the picaresque genre is told in the first-person, and recounts the humorous tale of a Spanish rogue.
  • Qué cosas dice mi abuela

    by Ana Galán. Using traditional Spanish-language sayings, a grandmother teaches manners to her grandchildren and their friends.
  • Fuenteovejuna

    by Félix Lope de Vega. Eli readers jovenes y adultos nivel 2. 2800 palabras.
  • ¡La Paloma encuentra un perro caliente!

    by Mo Willems. Pigeon's back! And he's found un perro caliente! But a hungry (and very sly) duckling enters the scene...

4 Item(s)


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