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Ruslan Products

This category contains the Ruslan curriculum and supplements in all 3 levels. Re the Ruslan CD-ROMs: The CDRoms work with all Windows 32 bit platforms. Windows Vista users may have to install the fonts manually. If you have a 64 bit version of Windows you may be able to use Ruslan CDRoms with Windows XP emulation. See for more information and try out one of the free demos at

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  • Ruslan Russian Alphabet Starter

    Ruslan Russian Alphabet Starter An introduction to the Cyrillic alphabet for learners of Russian and for travellers to Russia and Ukraine by John Langran.
  • Games in Russian Language Lessons

    Collection of language games, activities and simulations for Russian classrooms
  • Ruslan 1 - Student Book 5th Edition

    Ruslan 1 - Student Book - The book for beginners. Updated fifth edition in full color. Alphabet introduction. 10 lessons.
  • Ruslan 1 - Teachers Notes

    Now available as a FREE download when you purchase the student book!
  • Ruslan 1 - Workbook

    203 exercises linked to the Ruslan Russian course - book and free online audio.
  • Ruslan 1 Audio CD

    Ruslan 1 Audio CD 5th edition - also available for purchase with the Ruslan 1 Textbook. A communicative Russian course for adults and teenagers.
  • Ruslan 1 Lessons 1-10 Cartoons DVD

    High quality animations of the Ruslan 1 dialogues, texts, songs and poems from lessons 1-5 of the course.
  • Ruslan 2 Student Book 3rd Edition

    A communicative Russian course by John Langran and Natalya Veshnyeva.
  • Ruslan 2 Workbook

    The workbook offers 158 exercises linked to the Ruslan 2 Russian course.
  • Ruslan 2 Audio CD

    Ruslan 2 Audio CD - Also available for purchase with the Ruslan 2 textbook. This audio cd contains alll the dialogues and listening exercises
  • Ruslan 2 Supplementary Reader

    There are texts, translations, poems and a song. It is full color with an audio CD.
  • Ruslan 3 Student Book

    Ruslan 3 Student Book is a continuation of the Ruslan course - advanced level. The action takes place in Irkutsk and around Lake Baikal.
  • Ruslan 3 Audio CD set

    Ruslan 3 Audio CD Set - Set of 3 Russian audio CDs covering the 10 lessons of the course. Use with the Ruslan 3 student book.
  • Ruslan Russian Grammar

    Ruslan Russian Grammar - Compiled by John Langran, Ruslan Limited. General Editor Ashot Vardanyan, University of Iowa. Clear explanations in simple English, with lots of examples from contemporary Russian.
  • Ruslan Songbook and cd

    Ruslan Russian Songbook by John Langran. Volume one, 24 songs for learners and an audio cd. Folk songs, popular songs and romanctic songs

15 Item(s)


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