Latin Books and Latin Games

Latin Books and Latin Games

These Latin books are books in Latin and books and games for learning Latin - don't forget to check out our Latin tshirts too!

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  • Latin Tactic*Grams®

    Latin Tactic*Grams® - Latin students can have fun while conjugating verbs.
  • Verba - Latin Core Edition

    Also available in Spanish, French, Chinese and English (for ESL)
  • Blockbuster

    Blockbuster - Educational Latin game by William Curtis. A fun, fast-paced, and pedagogically sound game
  • Cinderella - Latin Edition

    This famous tale in Latin is accompanied by humorous drawings and has a vocabulary list.
  • Elementary Latin Activity Packet

    Elementary Latin Activity Packet - Ages 5 - 10. by Kristin Tracy. Teacher ready materials and student activities
  • Imaginative Activities for Today's Students

    Imaginative Activities for Today's Students - Great activities for Latin teachers by Joyce Narden. This book has two parts.
  • L-A-T-I-N

    L-A-T-I-N - A game for group drill on a basic Latin vocabulary of 120 words.
  • Latin Fables (Fabulae Latinae)

    by Robert E. Morse. This book has Latin translations of 33 stories from classical mythology and Roman legend.
  • Latin for Elementary School Students

    13 mini units by Robin Brooks.
  • Latin Jeopardy - Periculum Latinum

    Latin Jeopardy - Periculum Latinum - 40 games, ten each for the four levels of Latin
  • Latin Verbs Rock! Exercise Book

    Latin Verbs Rock! Exercise Book by LeaAnn Osburn. Great resource to accompany the 'Latin Verbs Rock!' CD.
  • Lyrical Latin - A Teacher Resource Manual

    Great resource book to accompany the 'Lyrical Latin' CD.
  • Latin-English Derivative Dictionary

    Latin-English Derivative Dictionary - Lists in alphabetical order the 1362 Latin words which are the ultimate sources in approximately 10,000 Latin-derived English words
  • Latina Christiana II Flashcards

    Latina Christiana II Flashcards - Set of Latin flashcards to be used with Latina Christiana II.
  • Latine Cantemus

    Latine Cantemus - Sixty new Latin translations of popular songs including nursery rhymes, chantries, Christmas carols, folk songs and spirituals.
  • Quinque Sensus - The Five Senses

    Quinque Sensus - The Five Senses - Ages 5 - 8. by Kristin Tracy. These 6 units explore the five senses as they teach pertinent Latin adjectives.
  • Quick Study Latin Grammar

    Newly revised laminated and 3 hole punched reference guide for Latin grammar - indispensable reference for any Latin student!
  • Latin Verbs Guide

    Latin Verbs Guide - Knowing and understanding verbs is often the key to a language.
  • Latin Verbs Conjugations Guide

    This quick reference Latin laminated guide offers easy-to-read tables of conjugations, with the changes bolded for quick reference.
  • Quick Study Latin Vocabulary

    This Latin vocabulary guide is packed with useful information for beginners of all ages - laminated and 3 hole punched!
  • Quomodo Invidiosulus nomine Grinchus Christi Natalem Abrogaverit

    Quomodo Invidiosulus nomine Grinchus Christi Natalem Abrogaverit - How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss - translated into Latin features Dr. Seuss' original artwork and a translation that echoes the love of word play
  • Short Latin Stories

    Short Latin Stories by Philip Dunlop. These Latin stories can be used for practice in unseen translation or comprehension.
  • Sing Along in Latin

    Sing Along in Latin - A collection of songs with favorite ballads, rounds, hymns, and spirituals, with lyrics in Latin

23 Item(s)


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