Italian Books - Italian Readers all in Italian - all levels

Italian Books - Italian Readers all in Italian - all levels

Italian Books - Italian Readers all in Italian - for all levels and all ages - most are imported from Italy

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  • Povera Anna

    Povera Anna - The easiest novel that exists in Italian by Blaine Ray — for first–year students with a vocabulary of only 300 words.
  • L'Isola Misteriosa

    Giorgia, Giacomo e Martina sono amici inseparabili! Durante il campo scuola sull'isola di Ischia faranno una scoperta straordinaria.
  • Un'Avventura a Venezia

    Italiano Facile Ragazzi Reader
  • Dov'è finito Babbo Natale

    Dov'è finito Babbo Natale by James Stevenson. Italian translation of 'Christmas at Mud Flat'.
  • Indovina che cosa succede

    Indovina che cosa succede - Easy Italian reader by Gerda Muller. Guess who does what! With only a few words at the beginning - create your own story for your toddler about the action that took place - based on the footprints left behind!
  • La Principessa delle Locomotive

    Simple story books, ages 6-12. Rosie's father, the king, is not happy about her preoccupation with trains, so she runs away
  • Il Leone, la strega e l'armadio

    Il Leone, la strega e l'armadio - Take a trip to Narnia and read the famous 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' by CS Lewis in Italian.
  • Il nonno non ha sonno

    Il nonno non ha sonno by Francesco Altan. Great beginning reader in Italian. Level 1 in the le letture series.
  • Il Re delle Favole

    Il re delle Favole - Le aventure del Re Ludovico II di Baviera - Italian comic book - 'The Fairy Tale King' - this one is volume one of the hilarious adventures of King Ludovic II of Bavaria in Italian.
  • Jean e Roscoe vanno a Perugia

    Jean e Roscoe vannot a Perugia - Italian reader by Jean Farinelli in dialogue recounting month-long adventures of two students studying Italian in Perugia, Italy.
  • Diario della studentessa Jean

    Diario della studentessa Jean - Easy Italian readerby Jean Farinelli. 26 brief stories with a fictitious character, Roscoe.
  • Eserciziario per Diario della studentessa Jean

    Eserciziario per Diario della studentessa Jean - Italian Exercise book (answer key included) for 'Diario della studentessa Jean (2nd or 3rd edition)
  • Non Soltanto un Baule

    This 10-story Italian anthology by Concetta Perna captures the struggles that millions of Italians experienced in their search for a better life outside Italy.

13 Item(s)


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