Hebrew and Yiddish Books and Games

Hebrew and Yiddish Books and Games

These are Hebrew Books and guides for learning Hebrew as well as Hebrew and Yiddish Games - all are modern Hebrew, not Biblical Hebrew. Have fun while learning a language!

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  • Hebrew Bananagrams

    Hebrew Bananagrams - The amazing word game that can be played anywhere. Fast moving, addictive, fun and educational.
  • Levi's Book of Barnyard Animals

    Learn 21 farm animals in 12 different languages.
  • Hebrew Alphabet Kit

    Hebrew Alphabet Kit - Perfect for any age person who would like to learn the Hebrew Alphabet.
  • Yiddish Magnetic Poetry

    Yiddish Magnetic Poetry - Yiddish is a lively mix of old and new languages, and the Yiddish Kit follows that tradition by mixing Yiddish and English words and encouraging new usages and combinations!
  • Let's Learn Hebrew Picture Dictionary

    Let's Learn Hebrew Picture Dictionary - This book is ideal for English-speaking children learning Hebrew, and even Hebrew speakers learning English.
  • First Thousand Words in Hebrew

    First Thousand Words in Hebrew - This Hebrew picture dictionary is the perfect starting point for beginners of any age who want to learn Hebrew.
  • Spot's First Walk

    Spot's First Walk - Hebrew Edition - by Eric Hill. Perfect for young children learning to read Hebrew.
  • Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew Dictionary

    Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew Dictionary - This concise reference provides the means for basic communication in Hebrew, and includes a two-way dictionary and a phrasebook
  • My Many Colored Days

    My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss in Hebrew and illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher.
  • Quick Study Hebrew Vocabulary

    This 3-panel (6-page) guide is an invaluable resource for people wanting to enhance their Hebrew vocabulary skills.
  • Quick Study - Hebrew Grammar

    Quick Study Hebrew Grammar - Quick reference summary to the basics of Hebrew Grammar.
  • Shira

    Shira - Hebrew book by S.Y. Agnon. A lecturer is torn between loyalty for his wife and desire for an exotic nurse, Shira.
  • Shimon Peres

    Shimon Peres - Biography in Hebrew by Matti Golan.

13 Item(s)


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