German Games

German Games

German games are a great way to improve vocabulary and comprehension. Whether in the classroom or at home, games in German make learning fun as well as educational.

Our German games are great for playing while learning in groups. You can can play these German games with your friends and your family. The more you play these German games, the faster you'll learn the language.

We have really cool German Games in stock. Our German language games range from fun card games to exciting board games. For fans of magnetic poetry, we have the German version right here! And it comes with a mini translation guide. Go on and get a set, and create endless compositions on your fridge door or steel surface.

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  • German Bananagrams

    German Bananagrams - Das Anagramm-Spiel für die ganze Familie! The award winning anagram game that will drive you bananas in German.
  • German Magnetic Poetry

    German Magnetic Poetry - German language kit developed by bilingual fans of Magnetic Poetry, comes with a mini-translation guide.
  • German Tactic*Gram®

    German Tactic*Gram® - German students can have fun while conjugating verbs with these plastic puzzles. This 4 tile set includes 'Sein', 'Gehen', 'Haben' and 'Essen' in the present tense.
  • Bis Deutsch

    Bis Deutsch - An engaging and easy German card game for beginners of all ages based on word/image association.
  • Super Bis Deutsch

    Super Bis Deutsch - Deutsch spielend lernen -An exciting question/answer German card game for both beginners and intermediate level students.
  • Wer ist das?

    Wer ist das? A card game for first and second year students to learn and review vocabulary and structures relating to physical descriptions.
  • Die welt der tiere

    Bei dem die Teilnehmer einse grosse anzahl an in gruppen aufgeteilten tieren erkennen.
  • Das grosse spiel der verben

    Spiel für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene.
  • Lasst uns einkaufen!

    Anfänger-untere Grundstufe A1-A2
  • Die Insel der Präpositionen

    German pirate game to learn prepositions
  • Wir packen unseren Koffer

    Ein unterhaltsames Spiel, bei dem die Spieler ihren Koffer packen sollen und versuchen müssen
  • Kettenfragen

    Can you put the questions and answers in the right context?
  • Die Rundreise

    Die Rundreise - A classic board game, a linguistic trip where the road winds between questions on grammar, culture, history, geography, idiomatic expressions, riddles and “odd one outs”, which allow the players to expand their knowledge of Germany
  • Deutsch-Meisterschaft

    German Trivial Pursuit Game
  • Wie geht's Game

    Einführung und üben des wortschatzes zum menschlichen körper und zur gesundheit.
  • Der Planet steht auf dem spiel

    Einführung und üben des wortschatzes zum thema, "Umwelt": Mükktrennung, Recycling, erneuerbare Energien, biologische landwirtschaft und Ernährung.

16 Item(s)


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