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Simple, Funny Skits for Beginning German Speakers by Patti Lozano. T

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Winzige TheaterstückeSimple, Funny Skits for Beginning German Speakers by Patti Lozano.  Teachers - are the German Mini-Plays too difficult for your students? Then you will love these simple skits.

Contents and Objectives

 Winzige Theaterstücke examines content units that are universal to all beginning German curriculums. The units include:

*  Wie geht’s?  (introductions)
*  Das Alphabet (the alphabet)
*  Das Klassenzimmer (the classroom)
*  Die Zahlen (numbers)
*  Die Farben (colors)
*  Der menschliche Körper (body parts)
*  Gefühle (feelings)
*  Wie ist das Wetter? (weather)
*  Die Monaten und die Jahreszeiten
         (months, seasons)
*  Die Familie (family)
*  Die Kleidung (clothing)
*  Die Zimmer und die Möbel (rooms, furniture)
*  Die Früchte (fruits)
*  Das Essen (food)
*  Zeit und Tätigkeit (telling time, daily routines)

Each "Act" contains three skits. Skit A is the shortest and simplest. Skit B is often a bit longer and slightly more complex. Skit C is usually still somewhat longer, and tends to unite content objectives, vocabulary and structures within a more complex dialogue and/or plot. Each skit deals with totally new characters and a new situation. Most skits when performed are between three and six minutes long.

  • Skit performances range from 2-7 minutes
  • Skits contain roles for 2-8 student actors
  • Additional features include:
  • Rehearsal and production suggestions
  • Pre-productions creative drama activities
  • A comprehensive German-English glossary

Paperback, 253 pages.

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