German Books - Student and Teacher Resources

German Books - Student and Teacher Resources

These German Books and study guides are indispensble resources for German students and teachers.  Use them to learn German more effectively and more easily.

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  • Instant Immersion German Workbook and CD

    Combining written dialogues with full-color illustrations
  • Foto Karten

    Foto Karten - Bilder für einen Gebrauch des Deutschen. A collection of 75 large photographs to stimulate conversation in class. PERFECT for IB oral exams too!
  • Winzige Theaterstücke

    Simple, Funny Skits for Beginning German Speakers by Patti Lozano. T
  • Mighty Mini-Plays for the German Classroom

    This book contains 12 very humorous original short plays designed for intermediate level German students.
  • Quick Study German Grammar Guide

    Laminated and 3 hole punched reference guide for German grammar.
  • Quick Study German Vocabulary

    This German vocabulary guide is packed with useful information for beginners of all ages in this laminated and 3 hole punched reference.
  • Cinema for German Conversation

    Cinema for German Conversation by Jeanne Schueller. This text is suited for courses in German that seek to use German language feature films as a springboard for conversation and culture, along with other communicative activities.
  • German Culture Through Film

    German Culture Through Film - an Introduction to German Cinema (in English) by Robert C. Reimer and Reinhard Zachau. Contributions by Margit Sinka.
  • Arbeitsbuch zu German Culture through Film

    by Robert C. Reimer and Reinhard Zachau - the German version of the English text - 'German culture through film'.
  • 1000 Jahre deutsche Literatur - Von den Anfängen bis zur Aufkärung

    This new third-year German textbook introduces students to early German literature in an appropriate historical and cultural context.

10 Item(s)


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