AIS German Summer Reading Language and Literature

AIS German Summer Reading Language and Literature

These are the required and optional books for the Atlanta International School Summer Reading for German language and literature for middle and upper school, but are for sale to anyone. We will have these products at the book fair at AIS in the lobby of the ASD building May 22nd - 24th if you want to avoid shipping charges! These are for the grade your child is entering in the fall of 2019!

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  • Level 4 die Stadt der Kinder

    Required summer reading for AIS rising German 6 Language & Literature
  • Hände weg von Mississippi

    Emma lives with dogs, goats and cats, but is very excited that she will have her very own horse!
  • Mandela & Nelson Book

    by Hermann Schultz.
  • Norg im verbotenen Land

    by Wolfgang Hohlbein.
  • Herr der Diebe

    Required summer reading for rising AIS German 7 Language & Literature
  • Das Herz des Piraten

    by Benno Pludra.
  • Kleopatra und die goldene Schlange

    by Michael Pfrommer. A magical story - will Mira return to her own time and Kleopatra and her family be saved?
  • Das Königspferd

    Exciting horse story about a stable girl with an unusual talent for calming horses and a young Alexander who will grow up and become Alexander the Great
  • Krabat Book

    by Otfried Preussler. A classic tale, a parable of human life.
  • Laura und das Geheimnis von Aventerra

    by Peter Freund. Merkwürdige Dinge geschehen im Leben der dreizehnjährigen Internatschülerin Laura.
  • Mai-Linh Wenn aus Feinden Freunde werden

    10 year old Mai-Linh is exhausted from helping her parents in their Vietnamese restaurant after doing her homework.
  • Der mechanische Prinz

    by Andreas Steinhöfel. Max receives a golden ticket which takes him on an exciting and dangerous adventure
  • Wie Licht schmeckt

    by Friedrich Ani. Lukas has an unusual wish for his 14th birthday.
  • Das Megaspiel CD

    Hörbuch by Franjo Terhart.
  • Das Nibelungenlied

    Required summer reading for AIS rising German 8 Language & Literature
  • Dreizehn

    Can the girl, Thirteen, free the imprisoned children from the old rooms in her grandfather's house?
  • Die geheime Bibliothek des Thaddäus Tillman Trutz

    by Ralf Isau. Fantasy book about a secret library.
  • Das Kartengeheimnis

    This is the history of a three-way journey: a real trip to Greece, a fantastic trip on a magic island and a mental trip into philosophy.
  • Whisper

    by Isabel Abedi. Nominiert für den Deutschen Jugendliteraturpreis 2006.
  • Die Wolke

    An anti-nuclear novel about a fictitious accident in a real German nuclear power station at Grafenrheinfeld.
  • Anne Frank Tagebuch

    Required summer reading for AIS rising German 9 Language & Literatur
  • Abgetaucht ! Als U-Boot im Widerstand

    Eugen erlebt den Tag der Machtergreifung Hitlers in Berlin.
  • Blueprint

    Fascinating German story about clones - if a woman is cloned, is the result her sister or daughter?
  • Crazy

    Autobiographical look at the difficult life of a 16 year-old.
  • Defender - Geschichten aus der Mitte der Welt

    by Andreas Steinhöfel. German stories from the center of the world - children with a difficult life at home.
  • Isola

    Zwölf Jugendliche, drei Wochen allein auf einer einsamen Insel vor Rio de Janeiro als Darsteller eines Films, bei dem nur sie allein die Handlung bestimmen.
  • Lady Punk

    by Dagmar Chidolue. Ausgezeichnet mit dem Deutschen Jugendliteraturpreis 1986. Terry is 15 and looks 17.
  • Tschick

    Zwei Jungs. Ein geknackter Lada. Eine Reise voller Umwege durch ein unbekanntes Deutschland.
  • Evil das Böse

    Required summer reading for AIS German 10 Language & Literature
  • Leihst du mir deinen Blick

    Eine Freundschaft zwischen Jerusalem und Gaza. Nominiert für den Deutschen Jugendliteraturpreis
  • Die Mitte der Welt

    by Andreas Steinhöfel. A thoughtful and artfully written novel about the life of a young man, growing up
  • Nackt unter Wölfen

    by Bruno Apitz. Can children be hidden and saved from death inside a concentration camp?
  • Der Vater eines Mörders

    . Autobiographical story - his Greek teacher is the father of Heinrich Himmler.
  • Weggesperrt

    by Grit Poppe. Niemals aufgeben! Flucht aus dem Erziehungsheim
  • Die weisse Löwin

    The disappearance of a young woman leads the determined Swedish commissioner to the trail of a South African secret organization.
  • Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo

    by Christiane F. At 12, she started with hashish and at 13 with heroin
  • Der wiedergefundene Freund

    by Fred Uhlman. The close friendship of two 16 year-old boys at an exclusive school and what ends it
  • Am Kürzeren Ende der Sonnenallee

    Required summer reading for AIS rising German A: Language & Literature
  • Der dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod

    Die erfolgreiche Spiegel-Online-Kolumne Zwiebelfisch - als Buch über eine Million verkaufte Exemplare!
  • Du Jane Ich Goethe

    Keine Sprachkommission hat die vielschichtigen Grammatiksysteme geschaffen oder ellenlange Wörterlisten angelegt
  • Homo Faber

    Loneliness and despair invade the world of an engineer who comes to realize that he has failed as a friend, husband, and father.
  • Die Leiden des jungen Werther

    A poignant tale of love, youth and pain.
  • Siddhartha

    This classic novel of self-discovery has inspired generations of seekers.
  • Der Steppenwolf

    The most autobiographical of Hesse's works, this is the memorable and affecting story of Harry Haller
  • Die Verwandlung

    How would you feel if you woke up one morning as a giant cockroach?
  • So wie ich will

    Der beeindruckende Bericht einer 18-jährigen türkischstämmigen Deutschen zwischen westlichen Werten und türkischer Familientradition.

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