Tiguidoo Cards - Sports Professionnels

Tiguidoo - Sports Professionnels - Professional Sports in French

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Tiguidoo Cards - Sports Professionnels
  • Bilingual version (French/English)
  • Type: Trivia game
  • Ages: 10 and up
  • Number of players: 2 to 6
  • Duration: 15 to 55 minutes


There are two ways to win the game: either by scoring the most points or by finishing with the highest five-card combination. Either way, the fastest player to answer the questions gets the most cards. The more cards you get, the more likely you are to win the game—but be careful! The cards you win are placed face up in front of you, and your opponents can use their Challenge Cards to impair your hand and improve theirs. A trivia card game combining speed, strategy, memory skills and knowledge!

Note: The higher the rank of the card, the harder the question.


To finish with the highest score or the highest five-card combination, depending on the winning method chosen at the beginning of the game.


  • A deck of 52 cards with questions on hockey, baseball, golf, etc.
  • 2 jokers that complete a standard deck of cards
  • 1 English card explaining the gameÂ’s easy rules and winning methods
  • 1 French card explaining the gameÂ’s easy rules and winning methods


  • Choice of two possible winning methods
  • Easy-to-understand rules
  • A captivating and dynamic educational game
  • Can be used as a standard deck of cards
  • Numerous interactions between players

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