French Books - Teacher Resources by Sue Fenton (Madame Fifi)

French Books - Teacher Resources by Sue Fenton (Madame Fifi)

Benefit from the many years of experience of teaching French by Sue Fenton - also known as "Madame Fifi" with these French Teacher Resources. Besides the following products only in French, many French teachers also use "1000 Conversation Starters", "Power Talk" and "Move Your Students to a World City" - found under the category of multilingual books.

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  • Faisons les Courses

    Faisons les courses - Everything you need to present food shopping in France: vocabulary, verbs, and structures; a variety of practice activities; simulations; listening and communication; entertaining creative tasks.
  • French Chat Boosters

    French Chat Boosters - You have seen the study guides that capsulize and review grammar. This French product does the same thing for communication!
  • French Pooch Pal

    French Pooch Pal - French Handbook & Activities for a Stuffed Animal Class Mascot by Sue Fenton, M Ed
  • French Q Cards

    French Q Cards - French flash card series to improve listening and speaking. Each box has a question and may have 4 or 5 options.
  • Paris Trivia-Palooza

    Paris Trivia-Palooza - For 'Talking Tours' of Paris - 1700 questions and answers in French on 42 Paris Themes!
  • Plan de Paris 101

    PLAN DE PARIS 101 The Basic Layout of Paris in Photos in a cd-rom and manual. Levels: Any (written in English and French)

6 Item(s)


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