Chinese Games

Chinese Games

We were asked for more "fun" products in Chinese and are pleased to offer some Chinese games - we will add new products if there is demand!
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  • NEW Magic Word Puzzle - Level 1

    Magic Word Puzzle - Level 1

    Creative way to build phrases and sentences using 115 puzzle pieces!
  • Magic Word Puzzle - Level 2

    A creative way to build endless phrases and sentences using 105 puzzle pieces.
  • Magic Word Puzzle - Level 3

    A creative way to build endless phrases and sentences using 170 puzzle pieces.
  • Kids' Chinese Kit

    Kids' Chinese Kit - Created with the help of native speakers, the Kids' Chinese Kit features double-sided word tiles with simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin on one side and the English translation on the other.
  • Chinese Thumball

    Chinese My Day and Me Thumball - Players respond to questions about themselves and their day using common interrogatives.
  • Verba Chinese Edition

    Also available in Spanish, French, Latin and English (for ESL)
  • Playing with Numbers in Chinese

    Learn the Chinese numbers from 1 to 100 wiht this amusing and innovative game.
  • Questions and Answers in Chinese

    Enjoy learning basic and useful structures in Chinese by matching questions and answers.
  • Guess the job in Chinese

    Learn all about 40 different jobs with this entertaining and original game.
  • Travelling in China in Chinese

    An exciting game which allows players to broaden their knowledge of China.
  • The Game of Verbs-Nouns in Chinese

    Play with helpful, illustrated cards to learn and memorise common Chinese verbs and nouns.

11 Item(s)


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