Story of Chinese Characters, The


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The Story of Chinese Characters

Word by word, explore the origin of Chinese characters. Jiajin 篆 is in Kai Kai, showing the evolution of Chinese characters. Explain word by word, tell the story of Chinese characters. This book contains 1,000 representative and commonly used Chinese characters, with illustrations for the source of each character, and listed in order of the historical order of the evolution of each glyph, five types of fonts, such as Oracle, Bronze Inscription, Xiaoyao, Lishu, and Kaishu. The origin and evolution of these Chinese characters are clear at a glance. The character form and meaning of Chinese characters are closely related to the ideographic system. This book explains the meaning of the word by analyzing the shape of the word. First, it analyzes the shape of the word, then points out the original meaning of the word, and then seeks its extended meaning and false borrowing meaning. Each meaning item is supported by the example sentences of ancient poems.

Hardback, Simplified Chinese characters, 1016 pages,