PDQ Russian


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PDQ Russian is a beginner's audio course - Learn Russian from a beginning level, practice basic conversation, discover 500 words of vocabulary covering a wide range of situations and develop a good accent with native speakers. PDQ is aimed at those who enjoy making an effort with the locals in their own language and recognise it can be very handy to know some common phrases. With a strong focus on essential vocabulary, you will quickly be able to handle a wide variety of everyday situations. The native speakers in this high quality, digitally produced course will teach you an active vocabulary of over 500 words. In addition to learning to speak the language, the accompanying course book introduces the basics of reading and writing. PDQ structures your learning to ensure that you learn Pretty Darn Quick.

Contains: 4 audio CDs and a course Book.
Designed with busy people in mind, PDQ is an exciting and effective way to learn all the essential and practical language you'll need when travelling abroad.
Native speakers take you to the countries where your language is spoken, where you learn all the essential phrases and vocabulary you'll need to get by.
All recordings are bilingual, so you can study simply by listening to the lessons. The book is there to give you helpful backup and extra practice. This makes PDQ ideal for busy people, you can learn in the car, on the train, in fact wherever and whenever you choose. The bilingual recordings enable you to study simply by listening to the lessons. The Course Book is 64 pages and a full color book. Packed full of illustrations that help give you a feel of the country, it contains back-up exercises to build on what you have listened to on the recordings.