His Secret Life (Le fate ignoranti) DVD

His Secret Life (Le fate ignoranti) DVD

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His Secret Life (Le fate ignoranti) DVD - 2001 Italian film directed by Ferzan Ozpetek. Also called in English 'The Ignorant Fairies' AIDS doctor Antonia's husband is killed by a car. She gets depressed until she learns he had been cheating on her with a man... Following her newly born curiosity for life, she goes to see her husband's lover, Michele, and finds a huge apartment that he shares with gay and transgendered friends, including a Turkish immigrant and a prostitute. Antonia is reluctant to tell these people of her relationship to the dead man, but needs prompting to move on to a new phase of her life. Stars Margherita Buy, Stefano Accorsi, Serra Yilmaz, Gabriel Garko, Erika Blanc and Andrea Renzi. Rated R for language and sexuality. 106 minutes.

One of the selected titles in 'Cinema for Italian Conversation'.

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