Ecoutez Bien 2

Ecoutez Bien 2

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ISBN/MPN: 9781862219236

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Ecoutez Bien 2 - Ages 10 - Adult. French interactive quizes and exercises test oral comprehension. This second level is more difficult. The topics are: Giving directions, Telling time, Prices, Parts of a car, At the house, Places, At the Martins house, At a restaurant and In the park. Questions include multiple choice, true or false and more. Keeps track of names and scores of each user. There are 2 levels on 2 CDs-ROMs, the second level is more difficult. $40.00 each or both CD-ROMs for $60.00.

Lab Pack Pricing for each level:
$40.00 for the school license and first CD-ROM and $15.00 for each additional CD-ROM.

Network Licenses:
The teachers can access the program from any workstation or the central server. Any number of teachers can be active at once to add, remove, monitor students or print reports. Data export facility allows records to be exported into Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and many other spreadsheets and databases. Monitor facility allows teachers to watch what students are doing and listen to them as they talk.

USERS NUMBER OF TITLES (cost per title)

1 title 2 titles 3-5 titles 6-10 titles 11-20 titles 21-100 titles

2-5 users $150 $125 $95 $75 $65 $35
6-10 users $295 $245 $195 $165 $145 $55
11-20 users $395 $295 $255 $195 $175 $75
21-100 users $595 $495 $395 $295 $225 $95

For more than 100 users or 100 titles, please e-mail or call for pricing.

Titles refers to any language title of Vocabulary Builder, Talk Now, World Talk, Ecoutez Bien, Listen, Movie Talk, Talk the Talk and Talk Business

Ecoutez Bien requires for PC: CD-ROM drive; 386+; 4MB RAM (8MB recomm); VGA; Mouse; Windows (all); Sound card; Speakers. Macintosh requires CD-ROM drive; Color Mac; 4MB RAM (8MB recomm.); 256 color display.

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