Puzzle - Ouverture sur le monde francophone


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Puzzle - Ouverture sur le monde francophone - 

is a textbook for children and teenagers on level A1 / A2 introducing the specificity and culture of French-speaking countries through a series of presentations and materials with authentic documents and articles adapted to the level of students' language proficiency. In addition to numerous references to history (mainly the 20th century), the book presents primarily current topics related to contemporary culture: lifestyle, work, sports, gastronomy, politics, systems of exercising power, issues of education and shaping attitudes civil, science, technology, natural environment and geography. The manual also emphasizes the development of skills related to listening comprehension, understanding of written text, as well as independent building of short oral and written statements. Thanks to the variety of suggested exercises (each chapter offers exercises specific to the topic discussed), the book helps to consolidate the learned language structures and enrich the vocabulary. In addition, at the beginning and end of the book there are pages that can complement your own language competence portfolio. 

Book based on the criteria of Delf scolaire A2 , Cadre Européen Commun de Référence and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)

Paperback, 192 pages and audio cd. Out of print - 1 copy left!