African Beat CD


SKU: 0790248032726 Putumayo

African Beat CD - African beats and Western rhythms unite on these contemporary tunes from Cape Town to Bamako. Features 3 new tracks!

On African Beat, Putumayo features artists who are as likely to have traditional African drumming, soukous and mbaqanga, on their iPods as they are the latest European dubstep and U.S. hip-hop. 

The tracks are:

  1. Sina Makosa / Cool James
  2. Candongueiro / Geovani and Yuri da Cunha
  3. Zonza / Fredy Massamba
  4. Africa / Adama Yalomba
  5. Oudo Makasan / Kojato and the Afro Latin Cougaritas
  6. Rebel Blues / Lëk Sén
  7. Kalan Nege / Issa Bagayogo
  8. Lagos Sound System / Les Barons
  9. Baweli / Afro Fiesta
  10. Alapomeji Anthem / 9ice
  11. Quel Est Mon Pays / Yode & Siro