The Year of the Rabbit


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The Year of the Rabbit compiled by Zhang Lizhang. This book is in Chinese and English. The chapters are: 1) Zodiac Culture in Everyday Chinese Life  2) The Origin and Cultural Significance of the Chinese Zodiac Animals  3) A Kaleidoscope of Rabbit References  4) The Rabbit in Chinese Indigenous Art .

Paperback, 158 pages. 

The Zodiac animals enjoy a long history and an important place in the daily lives of Chinese people. As such, they are an essential element of Chinese culture. This series is comprised of 12 volumes, but each volume can stand alone. Each book provides readers with an introduction to the origin, cultural connotations and history of a zodiac animal as well as the stories and artistic works related to it. Readers can get acquainted with their own "animal" and gain an insight into the Chinese way of life.

中华生肖文化在中国历史悠久,世代相传,家喻户晓,深深根植于中国人血液之中。该系列将通过介绍12个生肖在中国的各个领域,尤其在民间艺术形式上的表现,帮助国外读者了解中国的生肖文化。全书正文分为以下内容:中国12生肖的起源与文化内涵;生肖趣谈;与生肖相关的成语、谚语、歇后语、儿歌和民谣;中国人耳熟能详的民间故事;有关属相的艺术形式,以及汉字演变和文化追溯。 张立章编著的《生肖鼠》是其中一本。