Dagger of Kamui (Kamui no ken) DVD


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Dagger of Kamui (Kamui no ken) DVD - 1985 film directed by Rin Taro. Beautifully animated Japanese film. The child Jiro finds his adopted family dead and is wrongfully accused of the murder. He runs from Sai village and is found by a monk named Tenkai. Tenkai takes him in and Jiro is trained as a shinobi, but Tenkai is not what he seems to be. A stray shinobi, Tarouza, that Tenkai once had under his command returns and he is attacked and wounded by Tenkais shinobi. Tenkai tells Jiro that Tarouza is the shinobi that killed his family and Jiro thrusts the dagger of Kamui into Tarouza. Many years later he finds his biological mother, learns that Tarouza was his father and realizes that Tenkai murdered his family. Tenkai sent out his father to try to find out the secret of Captain Kidds treasure and he did the same with Jiro. Now Jiro declares himself to be free of Tenkai the shogunate guardian and searches for the treasure to challenge the last remnants of the shogunate that are fighting in the booshin war. He travels far and longs to one day kill Tenkai for what he has done to his family. Rated PG-13 for violence, 132 minutes.