Learn Arabic Numbers 1-10


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Learn Arabic Numbers 1-10. Arabic Children's DVD: Counting. A playful and interactive introduction to Arabic numbers 1-10. An original Arabic DVD series similar to Baby Einstein. Cartoon animation, music and entertainment focused on teaching Arabic to babies 6 months to 5 years of age. An absolute must for parents of young children who want to raise them fluent in Arabic. Exposes little ones to the concept of counting and reinforces numbers recognition through repetition, songs and our usual medley of animation, puppet skits and nursery rhymes.

Cute kids, happy songs, and color animation make this film a valuable addition to your essential Arabic library. The video contains original score composed by Arab musicians employing Arabic instruments and rhythms.


Duration: 35 Minutes

Ages: Baby 6 months to Preschool 5 years

Language: Arabic. Standard Arabic with some colloquial levant accent (esp Palestine/Jordanian and at times Lebanese). (English Subtitles Optional)