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For those who are seriously studying the language, the learn French software can be a support to tutorials or French lessons in school. Activities included are writing and speaking the language. For those who only want to learn and speak every-day French to get around in French speaking countries, there are programs that include a diverse range of activities such as reading French newsletters and getting acquainted with the French word of the day.  An intensive French course will also help.

French Language Software

French Software

Learn French the Fun and Interactive Way

French is one of the most popular languages that children and high school students choose to learn. In order to accelerate the process of learning and comprehension, nothing can substitute for interactive language learning tools - and we have some of the best available. Our French software titles cover every age group and learning level. We have excellent software teaching tools developed specifically for pre-kindergarten to elementary school students filled with enjoyable and stimulating exercises and games that will give your child an enhanced desire to continue learning French as well as to learn IN French. Dozens of French software titles for middle and high school age kids along with other software resources such as French dictionaries and encyclopedias will give the student all the tools needed to master the French language.

Our interactive French language Software titles can be used for powerful learning results. Also consider supplementing your French education with other resources including French Books, French Audio CDs and French DVDs.

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To view more detail on any intensive French course, simply click on the product's image or link.

Get your learn French software now!

With every French lesson there are English translations that go with the topic. Pictures have their English translations. Another advantage with learn French software is learning the language in your pace. The intensive French course software is downloaded after signing up for French lessons from online French tutorials and these can be downloaded onto your MP3 player and/or iPod.

Anyone who wants to learn to speak French must live and breathe the language by mastering written and spoken French and developing the ear for it. Taking up French with a private tutor may not be enough if you want a faster way to learn the language. Have you considered using learn French software?

Learning a new language or brushing up your high school French is never easy. Like other languages, the French vocabulary is complex and has to be learned by understanding the French grammar.  Using a textbook is not sufficient enough. You must learn how to speak the language and speak the words correctly to be understood by a native French speaker. One way to speed up your French is using learn French software.

The development of learn French software to teach language has made it possible for anyone determined to master French or other foreign languages. The learn French software provides several topics for the beginners, intermediate and advanced French lessons. Children can also use software to learn French; the lessons for children include interactive activities that make learning French fun.  Learn French software also makes great gifts!  Get an intensive French course for the language-learners in your life.

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Congratulations to our October winner, Michael Richardson of Chicago, Illinois. By adding your name to our mailing list you are automatically entered to win a free language software program or book!! Winners are drawn each month. Click HERE to enter our monthly drawing.

Foreign Languages

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